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Basic Information About MBBS Course

টিউন করেছেনঃ | প্রকাশিত হয়েছেঃ 7:37 PM | টিউন বিভাগঃ

Basic Information About MBBS Course

1. Name of the course: Bachelor of Medicine &
Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
2. Medium of Instruction: English

3. Duration: MBBS course comprises of 5 Years,
followed by logbook based rotatory internship for
one year.
Course structure and duration: The MBBS course is
divided into four phases .
1)1st phase: (1½ year)-Anatomy Physiology,
2) 2nd phase: (1year) - Community Medicine,
Forensic Medicine.
3) 3rd phase: (1 year) - Pharmacology &
Therapeutics Pathology Microbiology.
4) 4th phase: (1½ year) Medicine & Allied subjects
Surgery & Allied subjects Obstetrics and
NB: All academic activities including professional
examination of each phase must be completed
within the specified time of the phase.

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